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Strings & Super Tuning

You can choose from the following Great String Brands

- Bowguru strings and cables: have us build you a custom string and cable set using BCY or Brownell string fibers
- Octane Backbone Strings and Cables
- Vaportrail VTX strings and cables
- JBK Bowstrings


Clean and Wax String, Complete Inspection, Adjust nocking point, Check Center Shot, Check tiller, test shooting.

Complete Tune:
Clean and Wax string, Laser alignment of rest, Paper shooting, Re-programming Cams, Check tiller and nocking point.

Super Tune:
Complete tune plus hooter shooter diagnostic test, Cam alignment, 2nd and 3rd axis sight.


Bow Service

String and Cable Installation (accessories not included)



Nock Set Installation



String Silencer Tie-in (includes string spiders)



D-loop installation



Kisser Button Install (does not include kisser)



Reserve Center Serving



Reserve String loop end



Clean and Wax String



Peep Sight Install and tie-in



Sight Install



Sight 2nd and 3rd axis adjust



Rest Install fall away



Rest Install standard



Adjust draw length modules not included



Adjust Draw Weight



Quiver Install



Cable Guard Adjustment



Set Timing/programming